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I've been at MacKenzi's house a week now, and so far it's been awesome! We haven't gone out much, but we've had fun hanging out with her family, playing video games (she's gotten me into Kingdom Hearts, and now I need a Playstation), we've hung out with some of her friends who are awesome, watched some Disney movies, and generally had an excellent time!

I'm starting to eat better (ie. I haven't been snacking as much or drinking quite as much soda, plus Mama D makes a lot of healthy food) so that's really good. I'm starting to use the eight pound dumpbell I bought when I was here for Thanksgiving but wasn't able to bring back with me. MacKenzi and I also went walking with her mom early one morning. I want to do more of that, but I seem to be catching up on sleep as I've slept through my alarm about three times already and woken up twice only to go straight back to sleep. I'm starting to take my anti-depressants again so hopefully that will help, and we're trying to go to bed earlier (we stay up late doing random things like surfing the internet and playing games). All in all, I'm feeling really good.

The only problem is the ants. They're coming up through the floor boards or cracks under the doors or something because there's plenty of ants. MacKenzi and I had to spray down the room with ant killer a few days after we got here because they were crawling all over the curtains at the end of the bed, and some of them were straying onto the bed. We just had to spray the room again because they were coming in through the wall behind MacKenzi's pillow. (Or at least they had to be because the fuckers were suddenly all over her pillow--I noticed one on top, she killed it, I flipped it over to see if there were any others and BAM there were like six. She says there were only three, but it doesn't matter because there were two on the wall directly behind it so same difference--THERE WAS A FUCK TON OF ANTS OKAY OMG WHY)

Also, THE LEGEND OF KORRA TRAILER CAME OUT YESTERDAY. I'm so excited! I can't wait for this series, I really can't!
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