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 Cockroaches are starting to invade my girlfriend's home. Bleck. So far we've only seen two a couple of days apart, but Mama D thinks they're coming in for the same reason the ants are: water. She thinks it's so dry outside that they're coming inside to find water. I'm not sure about that, but it could be true. At any rate, I took vicious pleasure in grabbing a paper towel and lunging across the kitchen, under the table and snatching the cockroach up before it could get away and then killing it. I hate those things. This is the first time I've seen cockroaches live (well, except maybe the bug section of the zoo), and it's horrible finding one in the bathroom NEAR YOUR TOOTHBRUSH.

Other than that, MacKenzi and I are still having an awesome time. Today is our one year anniversary! It feels so weird to realize we've been together exactly one year. It doesn't seem like it's really been that long, while at the same time it feels like we've been together longer. It's a strange feeling, and I don't think I really describe it any better than that. It's really contradictory.

And, of course, Livejournal is down again. Has been all morning for me. I've recently been able to get the main page to load, but if I try to visit my friends' page, it gives me an error message. Oh well. That gives me more time to poke around Dreamwidth.


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