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The last time I did NaNoWriMo, I wrote the rough draft of Dusk, which was an idea born from discussing what Twilight would have been like if Edward's behavior (stalking, breaking into her house, controlling actions) hadn't been so romanticized by Stephanie Meyer. My friend and I also concluded that lesbians make any story automatically a hundred times better.

Anyway, I've recently gone back to editing this story which I mostly completed by the time NaNoWriMo came to a close. It turned out that the story needed more than 50K words to complete it so while I "won" NaNoWriMo, I didn't quite finish the story although I was drawing close. But since I've recently begun editing this story, and I've got a lot of work to do for college, I'm hesitant to try and participate in NaNoWriMo again even though I didn't participate last year either. I just sort of assumed that I wouldn't be involved this year, and I don't even have an idea to work with.

I'm wondering whether it would be a good idea to give it another shot, but make it perfectly clear to myself that if it doesn't work, it doesn't work out and it should definitely be only my second priority. BUT if I can get back in the habit of waking up at 5AM (a habit that has fallen to the wayside as I find it harder to get to bed at 10PM, and also find myself more exhausted by returning to kung fu), then I should be able to get up and write most of my daily word count before heading off to classes. In this case, my NaNo project wouldn't interfere with my school work at all because I would have most, if not all, of the rest of the day to work on class work if necessary. With some proper time management and some quick plot planning right now, I could do this easily.

That still leaves me with the dilemma of what to write about. The first idea that popped into my head was a zombie apocalypse. That may be because The Walking Dead has just returned to television and also because I was just watching a show about zombies last night. Whatever the reason, I think it could be a good idea. I think it would be really fun to write my own zombie apocalypse novel. With lesbians, of course. Badass ones.

I've only got a few days until November 1st so I'll begin sketching out my characters and plot. Then once November rolls around, I'll decide for sure whether I'm going to participate or not.


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