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Wow. I honestly hadn't expected that to happen, although if I feel that if I had been paying more attention I might have pieced together more than I did. It will be interesting one day to read this book again and pick up on all sorts of things that I missed before or that didn't make sense before.

I think I'm still processing everything. I may do a better write up eventually. For now, though, I'm moving on to Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness. I've read good things about it so I'm hoping it will live up to the reviews.
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I love this man. I'm still reading American Gods and I encountered a casual mention of bisexuality. I actually had to do a double take it was that nonchalant. An older sister is talking to her younger sister who mentions meeting a cute boy while hitching hiking and she says half-jokingly, "After the bitch-from-hell maybe I'm ready to give boys another shot." The sisters continue bickering over the younger sister's habit of hitch hiking as if that line (revealing she's bisexual or at least bi-curious) never happened.

Also, is it sad that I thought "wow, there's a lot of GLBT characters in this", despite the fact there have only been two? It's kind of sad when two (minor) GLBT characters counts as "a lot."

However, back to my original point: I love you, Neil Gaiman.

I'm loving this book. It's now one of my favorites. I'll post something more coherent later covering more of my reasoning for placing this book in my top favorites. Because there's a lot of reasons, and not all of them are things I can explain. Maybe I'll write it up after I finish the book.

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Today I must finish the section "In the Vinkus" so that tomorrow I can start on "The Murder and It's Afterlife". Once that is complete I may start on "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman.

Also, I have to admit that this section--

"The children watched the silly indignity of grown-up women tearing stupid Liir's trousers and tunic off. They rubbed him all over with lard. This gave the children a case of the giggles, and made Irji feel very funny in his trousers, for the first time in his life."--

makes me want to write Liir/Irji fanfiction. Because when boys see other boys naked and feel funny in their trousers there is much UST. (Well, okay, probably not really since they're all just about on the cusp of puberty, but it could be an interesting piece of fanfiction to write about a character realizing that as they grow up they don't have "normal" attractions. Especially for a prince.

...What? Why are you looking at me like that? O.o

(And, yes, I realize that 'Irji is gay' probably--okay, more likely--wasn't the intention of the author, but fuck it. *holds ficcy idea close to chest*)

EDIT: Aw, crap. I forgot that Liir and Irji are half-brothers. Fuck. Okay, partial AU it is then.


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