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So I was requested to make a Lip Service/The Walking Dead crossover fanfiction. Basically, I'm taking the Lip Service characters and dropping them in a zombie apocalypse, and I'm going to follow the show in broad strokes. There will probably be some 28 Days Later influence in there too. Now what I have to figure out is if I want the story to be about Frankie's personal growth and struggle to survive for the first few chapters or if I want the reader to be as disoriented and confused as Sam is when she first wakes up.
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I found some prompt tables today. I think I'm going to use them to write some Lip Service fanfiction because I don't think any has been written yet. Which makes me sad.

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This reminds me, though, that I still haven't finished a prompt table for Avatar: the Last Airbender yet, and I still have request fics to finish too. Oh well. I'll get around to them all at some point.
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Today I must finish the section "In the Vinkus" so that tomorrow I can start on "The Murder and It's Afterlife". Once that is complete I may start on "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman.

Also, I have to admit that this section--

"The children watched the silly indignity of grown-up women tearing stupid Liir's trousers and tunic off. They rubbed him all over with lard. This gave the children a case of the giggles, and made Irji feel very funny in his trousers, for the first time in his life."--

makes me want to write Liir/Irji fanfiction. Because when boys see other boys naked and feel funny in their trousers there is much UST. (Well, okay, probably not really since they're all just about on the cusp of puberty, but it could be an interesting piece of fanfiction to write about a character realizing that as they grow up they don't have "normal" attractions. Especially for a prince.

...What? Why are you looking at me like that? O.o

(And, yes, I realize that 'Irji is gay' probably--okay, more likely--wasn't the intention of the author, but fuck it. *holds ficcy idea close to chest*)

EDIT: Aw, crap. I forgot that Liir and Irji are half-brothers. Fuck. Okay, partial AU it is then.

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Okay, so I'm all caught up with the current Skins generation, and all I have to say is...damn. I mean, I knew what happened between Naomi and Emily already, but still... Damn. Also, WHAT THE HELL THOMAS? THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR YOUR DOUCHEBAGGERY TOWARDS PANDORA, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?

Also, I don't understand why Naomi did that. Seriously. I can't really imagine what drove her to do that, seriously. I kind of like the idea that I've read in a few fanfics which is that she got scared because she loves Emily and realized that she can't live without her and she didn't know what to do with that and just freaked out, but still. SERIOUSLY. I really want them to be end game because I love both of them and I love them as a couple, but things aren't looking good for them, unfortunately. :(

Also, Cook does have a heart. :3 I loved the scene with him and Emily talking in the bathroom at the party. It was just cute to see them have that little heart to heart moment, especially since Cook can be a real ass a lot of the time--as he promptly proved the minute they left the bathroom. I didn't really like Cook's episode in season 3 because he was just a jackass, but he grew on me with the season 3 finale, so I'm hoping this next episode will show some real character development.

I'm sad, though, because I learned that Naomi isn't going to have an episode this season. She's my favorite character (aside from Emily but she just had her episode) and her episode was one of my favorites last season. Well, at least JJ is going to have an episode this season so I guess it's not all bad, really. I really liked his episode last season ("Naomi", "Katie and Emily" and "JJ" were my three favorite episodes from season 3).

And lastly, I ADMIT IT, OKAY? I WROTE A SKINS FANFIC! D8 It's really short and probably not the best thing I've ever written, but I'll get better the more fanfics I write for this fandom. It's the general law of fandom writing (if you're any good at writing that is). I've got a couple more quick ideas that I want to start writing down tomorrow or maybe later today or something.

Aaaaaaaaaanndd...that's it. For now, anyway.
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Got a review on The Pit for my story Playing with Fire (link leads to FF.net) that said--and I quote:

that was umm well I can't really comment because I ama girl myself and if i
said that was "cool" or "awesome" it would sound like I am lesbian, which i'm

but Great penmenship

...? I don't understand... If you don't want to sound like you're a lesbian, then why would you a) read fanfic that is clearly marked as containing a lesbian pairing, b) read one that is clearly going to be sexual in nature (all you have to do is look at the summary and the rating to figure that one out) and c) comment on it in the first place?

Also, most importantly, why would you be concerned with whether or not someone on the internet who you don't know is going assume you're a lesbian, especially when that person is the one who wrote the fic. I just...

Damn it.
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If any of you guys are interested in it that is. :)
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So I just checked my email, and it tells me that on FF.net I got a review for my fic A Question, and all it says is: "ok...Big Silence."


WTF? I can't tell if the "Big Silence" bit is supposed to be some sort of signature or whatever, but damn. Please don't ever waste my time again, you asshole. What was even the point of that review? That's not even a review. I don't know what the hell that's even supposed to mean. *facepalm*

I really hate it when people do that. >.<

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Finally got the banner for winning week #46 at [community profile] avatar_contestwith my fic Destiny.

Check it!:

It's pretty cool, even if only to remind me that I won something. Still a little conflicted about it being that fic since I was lazy with that fic, and it's no where near what it could have been if I hadn't procrastinated until the last second. But whatever.



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