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Just did a major overhaul of my icons. They're now mostly of lesbians and genderqueers. More specifically Frankie from Lip Service (I wish I could turn the girl's heads like she does), and Franky from Skins who I feel I'm more like in a sense. There was no particular reason behind this change other than wanting more Franky icons. Then I was like "what the hell" and throw in more Frankie icons as well.

...It's really bad that two of my favorite television characters have the same name. That might get confusing...
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cut for 3x03 "Cook" spoilers )

I'm not even sure how to form words. This episode was amazing. And Katie's looks like it's going to be epic as well! OMG YOU GUYS THE PREVIEW CLIPS. THE FUCKING PREVIEW CLIPS!

cut for 4x04 "Katie" spoilers )

I can't wait for the next episode! Too bad I probably won't have access to the internet and won't be able to watch it until the week after. :<
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Okay, so I'm all caught up with the current Skins generation, and all I have to say is...damn. I mean, I knew what happened between Naomi and Emily already, but still... Damn. Also, WHAT THE HELL THOMAS? THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR YOUR DOUCHEBAGGERY TOWARDS PANDORA, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?

Also, I don't understand why Naomi did that. Seriously. I can't really imagine what drove her to do that, seriously. I kind of like the idea that I've read in a few fanfics which is that she got scared because she loves Emily and realized that she can't live without her and she didn't know what to do with that and just freaked out, but still. SERIOUSLY. I really want them to be end game because I love both of them and I love them as a couple, but things aren't looking good for them, unfortunately. :(

Also, Cook does have a heart. :3 I loved the scene with him and Emily talking in the bathroom at the party. It was just cute to see them have that little heart to heart moment, especially since Cook can be a real ass a lot of the time--as he promptly proved the minute they left the bathroom. I didn't really like Cook's episode in season 3 because he was just a jackass, but he grew on me with the season 3 finale, so I'm hoping this next episode will show some real character development.

I'm sad, though, because I learned that Naomi isn't going to have an episode this season. She's my favorite character (aside from Emily but she just had her episode) and her episode was one of my favorites last season. Well, at least JJ is going to have an episode this season so I guess it's not all bad, really. I really liked his episode last season ("Naomi", "Katie and Emily" and "JJ" were my three favorite episodes from season 3).

And lastly, I ADMIT IT, OKAY? I WROTE A SKINS FANFIC! D8 It's really short and probably not the best thing I've ever written, but I'll get better the more fanfics I write for this fandom. It's the general law of fandom writing (if you're any good at writing that is). I've got a couple more quick ideas that I want to start writing down tomorrow or maybe later today or something.

Aaaaaaaaaanndd...that's it. For now, anyway.
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...and holy crap, I love Naomi/Emily! *__* I will admit that I skipped seasons one and two and went straight to the second generation strictly because I heard such great things about Naomi/Emily. Hell, they're the reason that I decided to watch it in the first place. I seriously haven't been disappointed with them--or the rest of the characters, actually, though I readily admit to loving Naomi and Emily most. JJ takes second place to them in my heart, though. I love that guy; he's awkward and cute and, unfortunately, can't always control what he says, and it makes me feel so bad for him.

So far my favorite episode of the season has been 3x06 "Naomi." I'm half way through "Katie and Emily." I'm writing this because I'm watching the episodes on megavideo which has a time limit per session, and I've already watched my 72 minute session which means I need to wait an hour before being able to watch more. Thankfully, I only need to wait another ten minutes.

My only complaint is in wondering why EVERYONE is cheating on someone at some point, and why EVERY time two characters kiss, it leads to sex. What ever happened to just a peck on the lips or a little bit of making out? It seems like everytime there's a kiss, there's a sudden scramble for the characters to remove their clothes half a second later. O.o

Other than that, it's a pretty good show, and I really like it. Does anyone know if this show is broadcast in the US or if I'll have to wait until new episodes make it online for me to be able to watch them?

EDIT: Damn it! It's on BBC America! I don't get that channel! D8 Fuck, I guess I'll have to wait until the episodes come online to watch them, then. Does anyone know how long that usually takes? :<


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