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2013-05-18 05:20 pm
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I met with Jeremy yesterday and got my anti-depressants increased a bit, which is helping, and also got a prescription for Adderall! Which is really helping! It was amazing being able to focus and be calm and think and just be able to do stuff without having to force myself. It was great.

Also, my guppy fish babies are starting to show color. The two oldest are getting some yellow in their tails and one has a bit of black too, which is really nice looking. They're turning out to be some good looking fish. :)
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2013-05-04 07:32 pm

In the Home Stretch

I'm almost finished with this semester of college. We're in finals week now. I'm doing my best to catch up on my math homework.

I have an appointment for Testosterone! Well, technically, it's the consultation for it, but I'm working to get my blood work done next week so I can bring the results to the appointment with me. If they like what they see, it's possible they may decide to start me on T right then. So, we'll see.

I was diagnosed with ADHD - inattentive type, which, frankly, explains so much about my life. It's relieving on the one hand because now I know that my struggles with school and prioritizing and focusing aren't because there's something wrong with me as a person but because my brain isn't functioning the way it should be. On the other hand, I saw a therapist as a teenager specifically because of difficulties with school and SHE DIDN'T CHECK FOR THIS? THE FUCK? But, okay, at least it was caught now and not even later down the line. Knowing what I'm dealing with has actually been helpful for making progress.