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I was checking Latest Things today, and I read an excellent post by [personal profile] cluegirl titled An Open Letter to the Men of American and the World, on the Subject of My Feminism. Here's an excerpt.

You are not incompetent, gentlemen; you do not need a system, acknowledged or unspoken, to guarantee that you will earn more than any woman who matches you in effort, education and rank. You do not need your boss setting handicaps against your female coworkers so that you can get ahead. You do not need to resort to seduction to get your promotions and raises at work, and I know you realize that your female co workers should not be suspected of it when they do attain them. You are better than that, wiser than that. I know you are. And that is why I am a feminist.

You are not petty toddlers who can't mix in public without making fart jokes, throwing mud at people and stealing their snacks for a lark, and there's no reason at all why you should not be expected to behave like the adults you are. It is, in fact, insulting to you as adult men that those amoung you who do behave like apes should be given a social pass on it even when it makes all of you look badly. There is no reason why the worst behavior of the most childish of your gender should set the level of society's expectations for you. Most of you don't even agree with the drunken douchebag making a sloppy pass at the office ladies, and most of you find his behavior pretty repulsive. And I know you've got it in you to check him, to tell him to quit his shite, to cover his arse, and stop making your gender look like crap-throwing apes, because you are better than that. I know you are. And that is why I am a feminist.

You are not sociopaths, biologically incapable of empathy, sympathy, or altruism; you are emotionally sapient creatures, entirely capable of perceiving, understanding, and extending grace to those whose emotional and cultural experiences do not mirror your own. You don't need special, easier societal rules made just for you because the ones for everybody else are too hard. You don't have to be rape survivors in order to get that making jokes about rape is a creepy thing to do. You don't have to be a waiter to know that stiffing your waitress is makes you a selfish boor and a cheapskate. You don't have to be the one trying to cover your shiners for work in order to know that beating your domestic partner is unacceptable. You don't have to be the one with a restraining order against her former boyfriend in order to get that it's not cool to follow and harass a girl until she breaks down and gives you what you want. You know right from wrong, and knowing that it's wrong, you are entirely able to just not do it. I know you are. You know you are. And that is why I am a feminist.

I definitely suggest reading all of it as it's really good.


Jan. 31st, 2011 11:36 pm
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I posted a link to this article on my facebook, and now I'm in an argument with someone who I thought was smarter is basically making it all about how it's unfair to men to assume they're rapists until proving otherwise and that it's sexist to do so. She had the gall to tell me that I'm very clearly sexist against men when I pointed out that sexism against men is just misogyny coming back to bite men in the ass. I'm hoping she is salvageable, though, because I did think she was better than this. I'm really hoping this is just a case of being ill informed and uneducated on a social issue (which a lot of people are). If it's not that then I'm going to remove her from my friend's list on facebook. I can't deal with having these arguments with people I know and like(d). Not to the migraine inducing extent that she's taking this.

I liked her to
Feminism 101 and Rape Culture 101 on Shakesville in the hopes that those articles will somehow help. It was all I could think to do.


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