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Uuuugh, I found two beautiful layouts on livejournal. I want to use them both for my journal, but I can't. So I settled for using this one for my journal and this one for writing journal.

I wish I knew how to use a custom theme on Dreamwidth, but I can't seem to get them to work quite right. It's frustrating. And disappointing. :(
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I started off the day watching the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series, and out of nostalga, I went and found some cool Yu-Gi-Oh! icons. Yu-Gi-Oh! was my first ever fandom. I wasn't really involved with forums and such, but I wrote fanfic, some finished, some not. Then, at some point halfway through Battle City, I found some subbed episodes and realized that 4kids really fucked Yu-Gi-Oh! over. All this to say that I some how found my way onto youtube and found videos of the 4kids edits, scenes that were either changed for no real discernable reason or SCENES THAT WERE IMPORTANT TO PLOT AND CHARACTER AND GOT CHANGED TO STUPID CRAP.

Like in this video, for example.

Video behind cut. )

The last edit has to be the stupidest one since it comes up again and again later. In the original, the promise they made to each other is part of what drove them to win the tournament.

This edit has to be most irritating since it takes a great episode and strips it of its depth and meaning, and the original is beautiful and heartwrenching and then 4kids slaughtered it. :C

video behind cut )

It's just...it's like watching two different shows. It's horrible. And...fuck. :(

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