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I woke up at 5:30AM, got up, dressed, had some toast and went walking with MacKenzi. I had gone walking with MacKenzi and her mom yesterday, but her mom walks too fast for me, and by the time we got back to the house, I was tired, thirsty and starving. Today MacKenzi and I decided to let her mom do her walking while we would go at our own pace. We started at 6:30, and walked a mile in half an hour. When we got back, I was feeling good. I wasn't overly tired, and I wasn't hungry. The toast was a good idea. A really good idea.

I'm going to continue getting up at 5:30AM so I've got plenty of time to eat a small breakfast before walking. I'm also going to get into the habit of working on a project of my choosing for half an hour to an hour after walking (with a shower in between, of course). I figure that'll help me get back into my writing, and once college starts back up again, I can use that time to work on home work or get a head start on major projects (or the research for them). Once I get my course schedule at orientation (on August 31), I'll figure out a second block of time (and perhaps a third or fourth or a 'just in case') for doing homework and projects during the day (or working on a project of my own if I don't have any homework or school projects just too keep me in the proper mindset about those times).

Something I discovered yesterday was this website called ZenHabits which had some really great tips for simplifying and de-stressing your life. One of the things the author talks about is getting rid of clutter--on your desk, on your walls, even on your desktop. He gave a link to some really awesome programs, one of which was Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher. It's really great because it can open all sorts of programs and documents quickly without having to clutter up the desktop. My desk top is almost completely cleared of anything save the screen saver now, and I love it.

Since he's also a writer, he also gave some links to programs that would make it easier to write--one's were they took up the whole screen and had all the options hidden until you put the cursor where they should be so all there was was a plain screen (with a background image) to write undistracted. The one I downloaded was Creawriter. I've poked around it, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. It looks really neat, though. I played around with the setting and changed the background image to one of rain hitting puddles of water (which I found on Google), and turned off the ambient nose for now (the cracking of a fire).

Alright, so it's a lot later than I had planned to write it, but it's still morning, and now I've written it. Mission accomplished! I'm making progress already. 
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 Cockroaches are starting to invade my girlfriend's home. Bleck. So far we've only seen two a couple of days apart, but Mama D thinks they're coming in for the same reason the ants are: water. She thinks it's so dry outside that they're coming inside to find water. I'm not sure about that, but it could be true. At any rate, I took vicious pleasure in grabbing a paper towel and lunging across the kitchen, under the table and snatching the cockroach up before it could get away and then killing it. I hate those things. This is the first time I've seen cockroaches live (well, except maybe the bug section of the zoo), and it's horrible finding one in the bathroom NEAR YOUR TOOTHBRUSH.

Other than that, MacKenzi and I are still having an awesome time. Today is our one year anniversary! It feels so weird to realize we've been together exactly one year. It doesn't seem like it's really been that long, while at the same time it feels like we've been together longer. It's a strange feeling, and I don't think I really describe it any better than that. It's really contradictory.

And, of course, Livejournal is down again. Has been all morning for me. I've recently been able to get the main page to load, but if I try to visit my friends' page, it gives me an error message. Oh well. That gives me more time to poke around Dreamwidth.
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I've been at MacKenzi's house a week now, and so far it's been awesome! We haven't gone out much, but we've had fun hanging out with her family, playing video games (she's gotten me into Kingdom Hearts, and now I need a Playstation), we've hung out with some of her friends who are awesome, watched some Disney movies, and generally had an excellent time!

I'm starting to eat better (ie. I haven't been snacking as much or drinking quite as much soda, plus Mama D makes a lot of healthy food) so that's really good. I'm starting to use the eight pound dumpbell I bought when I was here for Thanksgiving but wasn't able to bring back with me. MacKenzi and I also went walking with her mom early one morning. I want to do more of that, but I seem to be catching up on sleep as I've slept through my alarm about three times already and woken up twice only to go straight back to sleep. I'm starting to take my anti-depressants again so hopefully that will help, and we're trying to go to bed earlier (we stay up late doing random things like surfing the internet and playing games). All in all, I'm feeling really good.

The only problem is the ants. They're coming up through the floor boards or cracks under the doors or something because there's plenty of ants. MacKenzi and I had to spray down the room with ant killer a few days after we got here because they were crawling all over the curtains at the end of the bed, and some of them were straying onto the bed. We just had to spray the room again because they were coming in through the wall behind MacKenzi's pillow. (Or at least they had to be because the fuckers were suddenly all over her pillow--I noticed one on top, she killed it, I flipped it over to see if there were any others and BAM there were like six. She says there were only three, but it doesn't matter because there were two on the wall directly behind it so same difference--THERE WAS A FUCK TON OF ANTS OKAY OMG WHY)

Also, THE LEGEND OF KORRA TRAILER CAME OUT YESTERDAY. I'm so excited! I can't wait for this series, I really can't!
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Got my teeth cleaned today. I don't like the process, but I do like the feeling of my teeth afterward.

Anyway, with the end of the semester, I've been thinking about some things. I'm going to fail my math class. There's nothing I can do about that. I should have done more, but I didn't. Anything I do now will be too little too late. I need to change something if I'm going to do well next semester, and I have to do better next semester otherwise I won't get into LSUA which means it will be even longer until MacKenzi and I are together.

rambling behind cut )

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I'm not sure how my e-bay store will work now that I've decided to go to Louisiana next year. I mean, I don't see any reason not to do it for this year and get some extra pocket cash, but I'm not sure how MacKenzi's parents will feel about how me operating a weapon's store out of their house, and I can't have knives and stuff delivered to my dorm room. I mean, the only thing I'll be doing with those knives is having them delivered, taking them out of the box to make sure they're all right and then ship the off again.

On the other hand, I was planning on selling dragon figurines and such as well, so I could probably still do that if I wanted to. I don't think they'd have a problem with that. So I could continue selling the figurines and such and just discontinue the knives for a few years until MacKenzi and I get our own place.

If I can ever get the router number to our bank so I can set up Paypal to work with e-bay, then I'll get around to discussing it with her parents.

It's also come to my attention, that I need to clean up my room again and maybe get something to hold my knives in. I have seven pocket knives and only one is really suited to be decorative (pretty much at the expense of it being a functional tool, but, you know) and while the rest look pretty cool to me, they're not decorative knives. So having them all over the place is more like clutter than decorations. But that's just because I have clutter all over the place already so it just seems like they are.

However, I should probably get a case or something to keep most of them in, and then switch out one or two to have around to use as tools and decorations. (After all, who needs scissors when you have a badass looking knife?) I just need to find a good case.

Also, I have to wonder why collecting knives = psycho/uncomfortable to some people. I don't understand what's psychotic or awkward about collecting knives. It's a hobby. Some people collect beanie babies. Some people collect stamps. Some collect baseball cards or figurines or preserved butterflies or some other kind of bugs. Some people collect guns. And some people collect knives.

Now, if I was going around stabbing people with them or was a violent person, I can see why that would be concerning. But despite the fact that when I get pissed I talk about wanting to punch people in the face or rip them apart or beat the shit out of them, the fact of the matter is is that I've never actually hit someone (rough housing doesn't count). I've never actually tried to hurt someone. So I just don't get it. I had to do an "ice breaker" speech for my Speech Communication Class, and I mentioned it and people got awkward. I mean, I'm not complaining because I don't ever see these people outside my class, and my friends think knives are cool too, and at least two of them collect. My cousin-in-law Sean collects swords (he has them hanging on the walls around his and Brianna's house) and takes fencing classes. My grandpa even had some decorative swords around their house (I don't think my grandma's taken them down since he died either).

And my girlfriend even thinks they're awesome!  I mean, that's part of why she's my girlfriend in the first place because that's one of the things that I love about her: that she doesn't think my knife collecting is weird or creepy. So that's pretty sweet. She even took me to a knife store while I was down visiting her, and she thought it was adorable how excited and into it I was. They had sword canes there! I've never actually seen a sword cane before! It was AWESOME. I need to make some extra money to bring down when I visit over Thanksgiving so I can buy one and ship it back home. Russell will be so freaking jealous. :3

So maybe it's just because I know so many people that appreciate the beauty and coolness of knives and swords that I don't get people's aversion to them or awkwardness around people who collect.

*shrug* I just don't know.

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Wow, importing everything from LJ to DW was surprisingly quick and easy. I didn't expect it to be so painless, to be honest. Of course, now I'm looking over things like my "friends only" post and realize it really needs to be updated and just generally rewritten. But I've never been good with those things so...

I've also come to the conclusion that, whether or not I actually move my basic base of operations here to dreamwidth, I'm letting my paid account on LJ expire. I'm not giving my money to a company that allows it's staff to troll users (more on that later for anyone who wants to hear it). I'm not leaving LJ entirely, because you guys are so awesome and there are a few communities keeping me there as well, but I'm not giving them anymore money. Once my LJ subscription runs out in a couple of months, I'll probably get a paid account here on Dreamwidth.

And now I shall go skedaddle off to play Left 4 Dead and wait for my wonderful girlfriend's class to end. :)


Sep. 13th, 2010 02:11 pm
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I took a nap during my two hour break today (I go home for that) and slept half way through my second to last class. So I decided to fuck it, I'm done for the day, and tried to fall back to sleep. That didn't work so I decided to eat food, drink soda and watch The Daily Show. Now I just hope that my girlfriend will have mercy on my soul when she reads this. (I'm not going to make this a habit, I promise!)

Now I need to drop stuff off at the office, and tell my mom I can do a delivery for her today. I shall be making monies which I promise to not immediately blow on a Nintendo DS or manga. I shall, instead, promise to put it toward other things such as food and extra spending money for next weekend when I go to visit my girl. :3


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