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Right. I haven't gotten much done on my NaNo novel. I'm really really far behind. Like, a week behind in my word count. It's bad. But I think I might have reached a break though. Maybe. Because my biggest problem is wanting to get straight to action, to skip the "boring" set up parts that are important and can be really emotional and suspenseful if I do them right.
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NaNo Novel

Oct. 31st, 2011 03:09 pm
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I went to nanowrimo.org, clicked on "create novel" and just typed in a title and synopsis. We'll see how I well I follow this, but so far the title of the zombie novel is At the Dawn, and the summary is:

"Cyrus Moore has her world come crashing down when a zombie plague sweeps across the United States--perhaps even the world. With her parents dead, she and her brother travel across the country in the hopes that Cyrus's girlfriend and her family are still alive. Along the way, they pick up a ragtag group of survivors."

Like I said, we'll see how this goes. I think throughout November I'm going to watch zombie movies and shows and read zombie books for inspiration. I hope this goes well.

I only named this At the Dawn because I have nothing else to name it, and it needed a working title. Hopefully, that title will either end up working for it or else I'll find a better title once I go back over it.


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