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Just did a major overhaul of my icons. They're now mostly of lesbians and genderqueers. More specifically Frankie from Lip Service (I wish I could turn the girl's heads like she does), and Franky from Skins who I feel I'm more like in a sense. There was no particular reason behind this change other than wanting more Franky icons. Then I was like "what the hell" and throw in more Frankie icons as well.

...It's really bad that two of my favorite television characters have the same name. That might get confusing...
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I found some prompt tables today. I think I'm going to use them to write some Lip Service fanfiction because I don't think any has been written yet. Which makes me sad.

prompt table )

This reminds me, though, that I still haven't finished a prompt table for Avatar: the Last Airbender yet, and I still have request fics to finish too. Oh well. I'll get around to them all at some point.
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I have to say that I appreciate this show taking more of a mystery turn. While I liked the first episode, it was mostly exposition: who are these characters, how do they relate, what are they like? That kind of thing. This time, however, we've got Frankie taking the initiative on finding the woman that her aunt sent her scrapbook of Frankie's childhood. While I have to say that I like Frankie, she's an idiot, and I don't like the way she treats Cat. Which is unfortunate because when they are getting along, and Frankie isn't just thinking about herself, she and Cat get along fabulously and I ship them so hard

However, at the same time, Frankie has a lot of growing up to do before I can feel comfortable with them getting together. Right now, I like Cat being with Sam. I like Sam. I like Sam's outfit on their date. I want her pants and I want her shirt. And I bet she was wearing fabulous shoes too. So I want those as well. I like Sam's honesty and caring and straightforwardness. I especially love when she was telling Cat about her first time on the police force when she realized that she was chasing after a murderer by herself--so she hid until backup arrived. I loved that. It was just hilarious. XD

I also love the way that Frankie and Sam contrast. Frankie is immature, sleeps around, and has a sarcastic sense of humor. Sam is mature, loyal and caring. She has a similar sense of humor, but not to quite the extent that Frankie does.

I'm interested to see how Sam and Cat's relationship will fair with Frankie lurking around the edges and pursuing Cat.

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I watched the first episode of a new British lesbian drama called Lip Service. It's pretty good. It's kind of like The L Word, but it's also very different. It has a different kind of feel to it. Frankie (see my icon) reminds me of Shane.

I feel really bad for Frankie. The way she broke down after seeing her aunt at the wake make me sad; I wanted to punch her uncle in the face for being such a jerk to her. She doesn't have the best judgment, and she's clearly afraid of commitment and that hurts the people she loves, but at the same time she's vulnerable, and I want to give her a hug. :( And I want her and Cat to get together. I love the way they interact, and the way that Cat understands Frankie, and how Cat's there for her even though she's pissed at Frankie and wants to forget about her feelings for her. I don't think I've ever shipped a pairing this quickly before. But I want them to work out. I really do.

I also want to know what Frankie's (now deceased) aunt had to tell her that she couldn't tell anyone else.

All in all, while there are some things that I find incredibly unrealistic (WHY AREN'T LESBIANS THIS EASY TO FIND IN REAL LIFE?), I think it's a real interesting show, and I'll definitely watch the next episode. I found it on youtube; I'll watch it tomorrow. :)


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